HD IP Cameras bring incredible
detail to your monitoring,
wherever you are.


Track customer
behaviour and control
your stock more

Improve Health & Safety
at all your sites.

& staff


Fire alarms and protection
systems for your home and business

Amax are specialists in intelligent monitoring systems, using HD cameras to monitor workflow, customer behaviour and security over the internet. We provide video tracking and analysis software to help your business run more effectively. We also provide integrated security systems, including intruder alarms, fire alarms, access control and more. All our systems can now be internet-enabled, so that you can monitor and control all your systems using a smartphone, tablet, or computer, from anywhere in the world.
From digital CCTV to monitored intruder alarms, we have the latest security technology on the market. We are experts in both commercial and residential security, providing you with not only the latest products, but also our gold-standard customer service to maintain your systems and your peace of mind.

Amax Fire & Security