Ideaworks Mesh

Ideaworks guide clients through the complex and ever-changing maze of competing technologies. They design, install and aftercare integrated systems around how clients live their lives. The breadth of services Ideaworks offer and the depth of experience they bring to a project are unrivalled throughout the industry.

Ideaworks focus on delivering the best long-term outcome for their clients. They are straight talking and honest, offering free and impartial advice. We at Amax are proud to work in partnership with Ideaworks in installing and integrating security systems across a large variety of sites.

Ideaworks have invested heavily in research and development to design their own simple control interface. Veering away from the complications of traditional controls they were able to create a simple, efficient and easy to use system. Mesh is the most unique control interface on the market, with the ability to control anything from blinds and curtains to lighting, AV and security. Working alongside Ideaworks, we have been able to implement reliable and high quality security systems integrated into their Mesh interface, thus providing a turnkey solution for our mutual clients.

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