Residential Consultancy

The safety of your family and property is critical to you, especially if you have significant assets, you are in the public eye or you are frequently away from your property.

Whether your property is in central London, or is an isolated country residence, we recognise that your family and property require much more than a simple intruder alarm, in order to feel fully protected.

The design of your safety, security and privacy systems starts at the perimeter of your property, right the way to its very heart. It needs to be easy to use, whether you are at home or away. Our systems are designed to be controlled via your remote login from wherever you are in the world – allowing you to manage your systems, or just check that everything is in order.

At Amax, we can work as technical consultants alone, or work in partnership with other professionals to provide you with security solutions that are tailored to your unique property and to meet your requirements.

Working closely with you throughout the project, our experienced team will use the latest and most advanced technologies, to ensure your system meets your individual needs.

We adhere to the RIBA stages to ensure a quality output:

1. Preparation and brief

Work with you to understand your needs and requirements.

2. Concept Design

This is where your project takes shape. We create drawings and plans of your system, and we describe which is proposed and how it will meet your brief. We discuss this with you, and the other professions involved, before moving to the next stage.

3. Developed Design

Here we develop more refined and detailed proposals, layouts and equipment specifications. We ensure that our plans fit into the schedule of other professionals working on your property, if appropriate.

4. Technical Design

This is the final, comprehensive co-ordination of the design, and includes meetings with all consultants and with representatives of Building Control. This includes the detailed specification of the equipment to be installed and when it will be required. It contains the schedule of works to be completed.

5. Construction

Completion of the work scheduled, carefully managed by one of our senior engineers, who will also liaise with any other specialists and professionals working on your property at the same time.

6. Handover and Close

This includes training you and your staff on the use of the equipment. Demonstrating that all of the installation is working to the standard agreed. Ensuring that you have appropriate user instructions to hand, and know how to contact us for any further support required.

Amax provide security consultancy for landmark residences

At Amax we understand your security needs and we have set up a team of specialist engineers to ensure that’s exactly what you get. We look at every aspect of your property to ensure that it has the correct level of protection and access control – from the perimeter right through to the heart of your home (and the garden and additional buildings as well).

This is called the ‘Layered Security Design’ or LSD, and gives you the maximum protection. All of our designs are designed from a proactive protection perspective. These systems can provide ‘unusual motion detection’ (UMD), allowing your or others to be alerted (and take early action) in the case of potential breaches in your security.

Our residential systems are designed to ensure you have complete peace of mind, and give you the information you need – whenever, wherever!

Click here to read our case study to see how we worked with one of our esteemed partners to provide a proactive security system for one Estate.

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What our clients say:

I have been asked on occasions if I could recommend anyone that can install alarm systems or CCTV and there is only one answer that comes to my mind - Amax. I have known Amax for over 16 years and they are a first class company offering great advice and service, and their staff are professional and get the job done. Amax offer excellent back up service with their maintenance contracts and no job is too small for them.
Ryedale Care centre.