Commercial Security System Maintenance

Security System & Commercial CCTV Maintenance

Commercial security system maintenance is critical to the success of your business, not just for security, but for customer care, health & safety, the effective management of your staff, and monitoring your essential business equipment and assets. As a result, downtime isn’t an option.

With preventative maintenance planning from Amax, we can identify and fix many potential issues before they trouble you. Regular servicing and proactive maintenance minimises interruptions to service and helps your equipment last longer.

Our maintenance service is available on existing systems and new systems (which may have been fitted by another installer).

Manufacturers regularly update and improve their technology to give you better outcomes. We can advise you when upgrading your equipment is advisable, to keep your system operating optimally. Many software upgrades are included in our routine maintenance programme. As technology develops and updates, so too must your security systems.

Our maintenance contracts:

  • Provide up to 40% cost saving on call out charges
  • Provide optimum system performance level throughout its life
  • Gets it fixed before there’s an interruption to service
  • Remote maintenance is used to minimise disruption to your business
  • Out-of-hours servicing available, when required
  • Receive quick response support 365 days a year

Using our asset monitoring system, we continuously check that each element of your system is operating optimally. Additionally, the system keeps a full history of the performance of your equipment, allowing us to ensure it is always working and proactive maintenance or upgrades are undertaken at the right time.

With experience in environments where maintenance might be difficult, our engineers will provide you with a discreet maintenance solution and can often undertake some work off-site through remote maintenance.

Additionally, out of hours maintenance is available – for example we provided one client with a comprehensive CCTV camera cleaning at 5am in Central London to comply with relevant bylaws.

Amax can help maintain existing security systems

Tailoring SLAs to You

Service is an ethos at Amax, and we tailor our service level agreements (SLAs) to each client. With expert commerical CCTV maintenance, you can ensure your legal and insurance obligations are met, and provide the highest level of protection to your important business.

Professional Biometric Access Control System Installation

Keep your systems working 24/7 with Amax’s preventative care programme!

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