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Future-proof security for iconic London theatre

Since opening in 1928, London’s Dominion Theatre has hosted musicals, films and concerts – including the first ever live Rock ‘n’ Roll concert in the UK! Bill Haley and the Comets famously opened their UK tour at the venue in 1957.

The Dominion is a Grade II listed building and has recently received a £6m refurbishment, following the closure of ‘We Will Rock You’, which ran for 12 years.

Out-of-sight security for optimum viewing

As part of the refurbishment, Amax were asked to undertake a major upgrade to CCTV and other security systems.

In common with all public event venues, the Dominion wanted to ensure they provide the best security possible for their guests, staff and artists, without compromising other important objectives as well.

Their security requirements included:

  • Improved auditorium safety & security
  • Replacing outdated analogue CCTV system
  • State-of-the art system, extendable to other sites
  • User-friendly system for staff
  • Varied levels of security capacity & authority for staff
  • Future-proof network for HD monitoring of many sites

Amax’s security installations maintain staff security, and are adaptable to enable different levels and types of staff to access different areas.

The Dominion Theatre’s system automatically sends alerts if guests or staff stray into areas they are not authorised to be in.

Considered installation

Amax’s installations did not interfere with the building aesthetics and interior décor. This ensures that the historic theatre remains loyal to its design.

Installation of cameras, cabling and switching equipment was also kept very discreet, with painting to match the existing décor.

Additional installation features included:

  • Future-proof fibre optic links
  • Equipment provides HD images even in poor lighting conditions
  • Contact switches on doors – alerts are sent if doors are left open
  • Staff protection through remote monitoring

All installations were achieved with very quick turnaround, as installation was only possible between theatre show runs. Planning was absolutely critical, with equipment always ready for immediate installation, having been tested and prepared in advance at Amax Headquarters.

Theatre staff were also trained in effective use of the new system. Stage door security staff were trained first, and the system was demonstrated to theatre managers so that they could leverage all of the benefits, such as:

  • Legal compliance
  • Health & safety
  • Queue & staff tracking
  • Analytics
  • Future-proof & expandable

Specialist security solutions

Amax’s work has expanded the security solutions installed throughout the theatre. Crucial benefits were provided to the client, including:

  • Minimal downtime during installation
  • Full coverage during show times
  • IP-based system – easily expanded & with HD images
  • Appearance search to find specific individuals
  • Queue & staff level management throughout the theatre 

There is now CCTV coverage in all areas of the theatre. This has been achieved without obscuring the view from any seat position in the theatre. This was a vital requirement, as any ‘restricted view’ seats meant lost revenue for the client.

Benefits were also delivered at each stage of the installation. Thorough planning of the project ensured that security levels were always maintained and were improved as each stage went live.

Easy-to-use for clients: high-quality business information

The result for each location is a system which Titan’s and CitySpace’s clients find easy to use and gives them total confidence their property is secure. In this competitive market, meeting the clients’ needs helps to attract new clients and retain existing ones.
The information reporting allows Titan and CitySpace to manage all their staff and sites effectively.

Project challenges – how Amax overcame them

The installation required over 60 cameras throughout the building, many with multiple lenses. Approximately 5km of cabling was required. A bespoke viewing station was built-in, designed to complement the new stage door area décor.
Other challenges included:

  • Time limits
  • Building constraints – art-deco interior
  • Changeable light levels
  • Accessibility to high areas of the theatre
  • Cabling infrastructure

Cameras had to be installed in a wide range of challenging locations, including stairwells and the auditorium ceiling. We used a variety of specialised cranes, platforms and boom lifts to ensure a smooth installation.

Our all-new fibre network had to be installed from scratch, which required coordinating with the Dominion’s electricians as well as onsite maintenance staff.

By negotiating these challenges and introducing the most up to date, adaptable systems, Amax continue to deliver efficient security solutions that help maintain the prestigious atmosphere and experience that the incredible Dominion Theatre is famous for.

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