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Whether you are a large hotel, busy school, waste management facility, storage facility or public event venue, we understand that your security needs will be unique.

Additionally, the latest in commercial security systems give you an outstanding business tool. It can be applied to improve your customer care, manage health & safety, and provide you with useful customer behaviour data for your marketing team.

For example, some of our clients have used their security system to:

  • Manage customer queues
  • Count footfall in their store
  • Improve order processing & management
  • Monitor client needs, and act before being asked
  • Eliminate pilfering from their stockroom
  • Identify training opportunities to improve productivity

You need a security company who understands your business objectives, and will deliver a solution that is more than just a standard security system – our systems are designed to meet your management needs as well.

We also understand that your needs change over time, that’s why all of our security systems are designed with that in mind. As far as possible, system future-proofing is built in, so that your system can expand, change or upgrade as and when you require.

Amax provide security consultancy for all kinds of commercial premises

Free Site Survey

We provide free site surveys for qualifying businesses to show you how your security systems can be improved.

We can then advise on:

  • New, improved commercial security systems and technologies
  • How to analyse your security data for improved management information
  • Security considerations of new premises prior to purchase

As technical partners, Amax will work closely with you to survey every potential site, and assess its suitability; this includes the practicalities and cost of making it secure and the logistics of ongoing maintenance. Read our case studies to see how we did this for Titan and a leading London Hotel.

Why not call us today on 020 8427 2242 and see how your business can benefit? We provide free consultations to show you how all this can be achieved.

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