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Amax provide everything from a new fully integrated system to upgrades & maintenance

The attraction for intruders to warehouses and self storage units is well known. With limited personnel on site at night and often high value goods stored at the property, there is a strong temptation for potential burglars. In addition any fire damage to your property and its contents would be catastrophic to your business. At Amax Fire and Security, our FREE security surveys and fire safety surveys can provide you with clear identification of the risk your property may face, and advise you of the best fit solutions to help you mitigate such risk and secure your premises at the highest level.

Complete Service Provider

Having worked with other clients in this specialised sector, we understand your business needs. We can provide an expert and flexible solution to your security and fire safety requirements. You may need:

  • Monitored intruder alarms to provide protection during closing hours
  • The latest CCTV systems to deter potential intruders from your property
  • Access control to ensure the highest level of security and monitoring of everyone on your premises
  • flexible entry systems 24hrs per day, with high levels of control in certain zones
  • High level of perimeter security to ensure that anyone that is alone feels safe and secure
  • Direct intercoms to emergency services in the case of emergency
  • Monitoring of health and safety practices
  • Tracking of goods in and out of your property
  • Identification of shipments
  • Integration with third parties and sophisticated software – e.g DHL
  • Protection against false liability claims

From planning and designing your system, to installation and maintenance, we can assist with every aspect of your security and fire safety needs. Whether you require a new fully integrated security and safety system or upgrades and maintenance for an existing system, our expert team, can assist you in creating your individual solution.

Our Products

We are not tied to any single manufacturer, so we can choose the right product for your premises. We ensure these are always of the highest quality, and we are always reviewing new products on the market such as high definition megapixel CCTV and biometric access control, to provide the most recent technological developments and best protection to our clients.

Amax are accredited by NSI, meaning you are guaranteed security services that meet all European standards for performance.

Your Installation

Amax HD CCTV provides assurance to your storage customers

Not only do we ensure that your security and safety arrangements are compliant with current legal obligations, but also the requirements for the necessary level of business insurance that you require. We are able to install the RedcareRedcare GSM and Dualcom systems to link your monitored security and fire safety systems directly through to the emergency services, either through telephone lines or wireless radio networks.

Amax fire and Security will not only provide you with the peace of mind that your storage facility is protected, but also the most advanced security solutions with the very best in service and after sales care and maintenance.

Amax provide a complete security service to storage companies

To find out more about how Amax can assist you with your security needs or our FREE security survey, or our FREE fire safety survey call one of our expert team on 020 8427 2242.

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