Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club

The latest security for London’s oldest Jazz Club

The legendary Ronnie Scott’s is one of the most famous and prestigious jazz clubs in the world. Since 1959, the club has presented some of the biggest names in Jazz at its buzzing home in Soho, attracting full to bursting audiences practically every night!

With its introduction of the Late Late Show, and Ronnie’s Bar in the upstairs club, the club has become the place to be for London’s music fans of all ages – keeping doors open into the wee hours.

To ensure Ronnie Scott’s unique spirit and atmosphere is kept alive at each event, reliable security is critical. At Amax we have been proud to help them achieve this over the past four years.

Improving customer service with superior event security

Ronnie Scott’s initially wanted to improve their outdated analogue security system. As the venue continued to expand its events and opening hours – and more people were flocking to its doors – the club needed to improve its security to cope with the additional demands they now faced.

With an updated security system, the club wanted to be able to improve customer service by managing staff and customers more effectively and efficiently.

To achieve this, Amax converted the existing analogue system into a new, more versatile, IP/HD system. In doing so Amax were able to replace analogue cameras with the better quality, higher performing IP cameras in areas where higher security was required – specifically in the cloakroom, auditorium, entrance and kitchen areas.

A new user friendly recording platform was then introduced to manage all security cameras on the facility. This allowed the management team at Ronnie Scott’s to monitor all cameras either internally from a secure room, or remotely from any smart device.

An adaptable system for changing requirements

The great thing about the IP/HD system is the ability to add to it as and when your requirements might change. And that’s just what we were able to do for Ronnie Scott’s when Westminster Council announced that it was switching off the external CCTV in the area due to costs.

This decision by the Council would leave the club with no recorded, visual external data. To ensure the safety of staff and customers, the shortfall in CCTV coverage left by the council needed to be corrected immediately. Thankfully, with their new IP/HD system, the club knew they could easily make additions, and asked Amax to install additional external CCTV cameras.

Amax discreetly mounted four new external, 8 megapixel cameras, covering the whole external area of the property, including the rooftop. These were all linked into the central monitoring platform, accessible by management staff from a secure room on the premises or from any smart device.

Ronnie Scott’s saw additional benefits instantaneously. The new system allowed them to:

  • Monitor health and safety (especially in the kitchens)
  • Prevent petty theft
  • Monitor customers and staff anytime from anywhere
  • Make faster, informed decision, based on observed behaviours

The club is now using the high quality management information, gathered by the new security system, for staff training purposes, helping to ensure the best quality service is given to clients.

Ronnie Scott’s were so thrilled with these additional benefits, they wanted to extend the scope of their security. In the four years since Amax started working there, the club’s security has been continually enhanced and expanded – including extending the updated security system into the valuable wine cellar.


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