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Warehouse Security Camera Systems & Maintenance Services

If you think that CCTV systems are purely for security, it’s time for a rethink. Advances in technology are reinventing how CCTV is used, with the latest systems delivering business intelligence and process improvement in your operations. How is this possible?

To begin with, the cameras now use hi-definition technology and high ‘megapixel’ counts. This means incredible clarity and the resolution allows powerful zooming before the image becomes grainy. When coupled with multi sensor and other specialised cameras, the scope and clarity of image makes analogue systems completely redundant. It means less cameras, reduced maintenance costs and less power consumption.

Digital technology allows you to track your production operations

Most importantly, digital technology has revolutionised how the images can be processed, allowing you to track your manufacturing, fulfilment, catering or production operations quickly and easily.

For example, video analytics can identify abnormalities such as unusual movement in a space whilst ignoring normal activity. Intelligent video management systems (VMS) have self-learning capabilities and automatically learn from changing situations without any manual calibration. The digital aspect also means that zooming, ‘rewinding’ or viewing a certain time period can all be done easily and quickly. These technologies can all be configured to track your operations or processes by the way the systems are designed and installed. They can be used to:

  • Monitor production lines and identify improvements
  • Track food wastage in quick service restaurants or food service sector
  • Identify fulfilment errors or fraudulent practices
  • Monitor multi-stage manufacturing lines or processes
  • Identify time and motion improvements
  • Track vehicle movements or health & safety
Amax offer the latest warehouse security

The entire CCTV network can be monitored simultaneously from a central location and all images recorded for easy analysis. Access control and fire safety systems can all be integrated. Out of the office or abroad? No problem, monitor from a mobile device anywhere in the world, reducing management time and saving costs.

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