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Complete protection for your property

The safety of your family and property is critical to you, and it’s especially important if you have significant assets, which may need a greater degree of protection. Or if you are in the public eye, you may be seeking additional privacy in your home, and the reassurance that modern protection systems can provide.

Additionally, if you travel a lot, you may be concerned about periods when your property is unoccupied, and it will be important to you to be able to monitor your property from wherever you are in the world.

Whether your property is in central London, or is an isolated country residence, we recognise that your family and property require much more than a simple intruder alarm, in order to feel fully protected.

Amax specialise in providing security for unique city homes

We specialise in providing ‘early warning detection’ through the use of the latest technology, to define and monitor an external perimeter, that if breached results in an early warning intruder notification to internal and external security staff. This enables a variety of actions to be implemented, to head off a potential intrusion before it happens, and to ensure the safety of all residents.

Amax security systems protect landmark residential homes across London and the South East. We consult, design, install and support security systems tailored to your unique property which deliver unparalleled levels of security, both inside and out.

Keeping your family safe

Integrated security systems for your property can include

  • HD CCTV and video analytics (primary external layer)
  • House intruder alarm (including movement and temperature sensors, panic alarms, multiple zones)
  • Internal ‘access control’ (area restrictions, internal door locking, operation)
  • Video door entry (external to internal)
  • Specialist protection – artwork, cars, staff
  • Physical elements (perimeter sensors, fences, gates, safe rooms)

Amax have wide experience of working with many respected AV providers, electrical contractors and high-specification building contractors and developers. We also work with your interior designers and architects, to ensure a co-ordinated approach to providing the security and safety solutions for your property.

To learn more about our security approach for your home, please take a look at our video below. You are very welcome to send us an NDA for signature, in order to discuss your requirements further.

To find out more about how Amax can assist you with your security needs, call one of our expert team on 020 8427 2242

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