Business Intelligence - The Wider Use of CCTV

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Advances in technology have transformed how CCTV can be used in business. Traditionally only used for security, CCTV systems had low quality images, poor monitors and slow recording & playback. In many circumstances, the images could not provide the evidential quality required for security or give any business insight. Now they can give real business intelligence. How?

Enter hi-def cameras and video analytics

Digital technology now means that the images from CCTV have incredible clarity. The recording devices allow for fast processing and analysis of footage and the internet allows you monitor entire CCTV networks from a single, central location or mobile device.  Intelligent video management systems (VMS) utilise a wide range of software capable of being configured for specific uses. What does this mean for business, apart from superb security?

Business Intelligence Systems: Operational, Marketing & Security Insights

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Being able to monitor all your operations quickly, easily and with amazing clarity is a great tool for marketing, operations or health & safety professionals. Factories, distribution centres or utilities can closely monitor efficiency, vehicle movements, perimeters and staff behaviour from a central location.

Our business intelligence systems provide the ability to analyse the images quickly and easily allowing businesses to get real evidence on where improvements can be made or where risks or incidents are most likely to occur.

Business Intelligence Systems are Easy to install & Easy to use.

Amax works for a wide variety of utility companies

Many of the latest video analytics system can also be installed as software and used over existing systems, provided they are digital. By applying sophisticated algorithms to video feeds and adding an analytics layer, CCTV’s full potential can be realised – all on systems that are easy to use. For example, retailers are using the systems to better understand their customers. Airports, transport hubs and visitor attractions can better understand people flows, detect operational incidents and optimise their operations and turnover.

Just with all technology, these systems are becoming more and more affordable. As many of the systems are powered using their own cables and use wi-fi, the installation of new systems is simple, and non-disruptive. Hi-definition means less cameras, lower maintenance costs, less power consumption and are easy to upgrade.

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