Health and Safety Management & Monitoring Systems

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Health and Safety Management Systems

If you are responsible for health & safety, you’ll know that part of the challenge of keeping people safe is getting a better understanding of how people go about their daily duties. In any large organisation, systems and processes will have been designed to minimise the risk to staff and visitors, but how can you effectively monitor people’s behaviour to ensure they are complying?

Use Health and Safety Monitoring Systems

Technology has transformed how CCTV can be used. The latest systems can give your organisation far better health & safety monitoring with new hi-definition cameras, powerful monitoring tools and easy to use systems. How?


Firstly, the hi-definition cameras give incredible clarity of image, allowing you to easily search and zoom to identify trouble spots fast. Specialist IP cameras for different uses allow you to monitor all areas of your premises, inside and outside, from a single, central location. These cameras provide maximum clarity with a minimum of ‘bandwidth’, dramatically reducing the amount of cameras required. For example, a 50,000 seat football stadium needs just 10 hi-def cameras!

But it’s the Video Management System (VMS) with video analytics that interpret the images that give the real insight. You can monitor your operations centrally or remotely over the internet. Multiple or remote sites? No problem. Sophisticated recorders give evidential image quality and allow you to select a CCTV feed, then forward, rewind, freeze and zoom quickly and easily. The applications are endless:

  • Transport – quickly spot overcrowding, hazards and incidents
  • Visitor attractions – seamlessly track visitor and staff movements or dangerous behaviour
  • Manufacturing – track abnormalities in certain zones or potential hazards
  • Lone Worker – Provide support to lone workers
  • Logistics – track vehicle movements, gates, barriers, loading and unloading
  • Access control and fire safety systems – all can be integrated.
  • Public safety – identify risks to your visitors
  • Multiple sites and utilities – monitor all your remote locations from a single location
  • False claims – find evidential quality images, quickly and easily

Amax can show you how this can be achieved whatever the scale, size or scope of your business operations. What’s more – the systems also deliver unrivalled security for your staff, visitors and premises. Contact us today to see how we can reduce accidents, reduce false claims and track all your operations quickly and easily.

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