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Would your utility company benefit from better business intelligence, greater operational efficiency and health and safety monitoring? The latest CCTV and analytics technologies eclipse traditional security systems and deliver huge benefits for utility companies, including multi-site monitoring from anywhere, and significant health & safety gains.

Amax Fire & Security are a leading visual technology company and our approach is unique. We apply the latest CCTV and Video Analytics technology to deliver real business intelligence and operational insights as well as outstanding security.

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Reduce false alarms

Most motion detector systems can’t distinguish between animals such as foxes, or a malicious intruder. Amax systems recognise the difference, learn what your perimeter SHOULD look like and only trigger an alarm or a notification for a legitimate reason. We can notify you by text, email, or phone call. The result? Trusted systems, evidential security and lower costs.

Health & Safety

Vehicle movements, staff movements, restricted access and potentially dangerous operational practices can all be monitored and tracked. The result? Less accidents, less risk, fewer false claims against you, operational improvements and lower costs.

Multiple site monitoring

Monitor your mulitple locations in real time from Hi-Definition Camera feeds on your laptop, desktop or mobile phone. Identify risk and operational issues without visiting your sites. The result? Improved manager efficiency, reduced mileage and costs, lower carbon footprint and yes, lower costs.

Reduced maintenance costs

The internet of things brings a wealth of savings. Less cabling, fewer cameras, wireless connectivity, more efficient and less complex components. The result? Less to go wrong, lower maintenance costs, longer lifespan, better carbon footprint and dramatic improvements in ROI.

Operational insights

Remote monitoring of multiple sites, easier tracking of Health & Safety and easy to use Video Analytics means that day to day operations can be tracked evaluated and improved. The insights gained into premises, perimeters, staff, visitors and facilities management will deliver the evidence you need on how to improve your business. Our systems are easy to use and can be learned in just a few minutes.

Case study for Waste Management sector

Powerday Waste Recycling

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