Future Fibre Technologies

We are proud to be partnered with ‘Future Fibre Technologies’.

As an Ava Group company, Future Fibre Technologies have been chosen by some of the most security conscious industrial, military and government organisations in the world to provide the optimum solutions to secure high value assets and infrastructure.

They are a world-leading manufacturer of fibre optic intrusion detection and location products, providing services across six continents. As such, they are a critical partner of Amax Fire and Security.

An Ava Group company

The Ava Group is a market and world leader when it comes to risk management. Some of the world’s most security conscious organisations exclusively rely on Ava Group companies to provide their solutions.

The Ava Group offers a variety of complementary solutions. This includes:

  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection
  • Pipelines and Data Networks
  • Access Control
  • Securing Infrastructure
  • Storage of high value assets
  • Risk Consultancy

The Ava Group has an established history of delivering first class services and technologies.

Why Future Fibre Technologies?

Industry Experts

Future Fibre Technologies specialise in their industry. Their product portfolio is built on years of success solely developing superior technology that maximises sensitivity and probability of detection, whilst minimising the likelihood of nuisance alarms.

Versatile Solutions

Future Fibre Technologies bring a flexible portfolio to the table. Their solutions apply to a wide range of applications, including both long and short distances.

Consistent Quality

Future Fibre Technologies provide reliable and durable first-class solutions. All fibre optic cabling is resilient against weather and corrosion, immune to lightning strikes and electro-magnetic interference and doesn’t require power or electronics in the field.

Their company has full ISO 9001:2008 certification, guaranteeing consistent product quality.

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