The partnership with a security focused company like Amax Fire and Security makes Axcys a natural fit for anyone requiring security for self-storage units. We chose to work with Axcys because of their efficient manufacturing processes, quality control and attention to detail.

Global Electronics, who produce Axcys systems, are one of the few organisations in the Self-Storage Industry that performs almost all operations within its own factory by their highly skilled and experienced personnel.

Most notable is the Axcys Security Software, Patented e-LocX, Globals Electronic Door Overlocking System and their Wireless Retrofit Individual Unit Alarm, as well as many other unique product solutions.

The Axcys manufacturing facility has been organized to effectively manufacture all of its products in a very efficient manner, enabling them to provide you with the highest quality products at a competitive price.

Furthermore, having all aspects of manufacture under direct control, Axcys can monitor the production quality of every product at every stage of manufacture. Using the latest in robotic machinery, a partnership with Axcys brings huge benefits to our customers in the high standard of security we can guarantee.

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