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2N Security Solutions at Amax Fire & Security

At Amax Fire & Security, our commitment is to provide unrivalled security services to our clients. In our quest for excellence, we have forged a strategic partnership with the globally renowned 2N Telecommunications. This collaboration allows us to integrate advanced 2N security technologies into our bespoke solutions, ensuring optimal protection for those we serve.

The Prestige of 2N Telecommunications

2N Telecommunications, a leading name in the communication sector, has established its reputation over years of diligent innovation. Specialising in door communication, IP access control systems, and lift communication, 2N offers products that blend performance with elegance. Their sophisticated security solutions are tailored for modern needs, making them a perfect partner for Amax Fire & Security.

How Amax Integrates 2N's Excellence

Incorporating 2N’s state-of-the-art technologies, Amax Fire & Security crafts personalised security strategies for diverse clientele. Whether it’s an organisation seeking advanced entry systems or a residence aiming for enhanced safety, our integration of 2N telecommunications products ensures both efficiency and reliability. Our experts, equipped with 2N’s tools, guarantee uncompromised security.

Delivering Comprehensive Security Solutions

At Amax, we value the trust our clients place in us. By synergising with 2N Telecommunications, we offer a seamless combination of our local expertise with global technological advancements. From installation to continuous support, we ensure our clients benefit from the best of both worlds: Amax’s personalised touch and 2N’s global excellence.


How does Amax's partnership with 2N Telecommunications enhance security offerings?

Our collaboration with 2N Telecommunications means our clients get access to cutting-edge security products, customised for their specific needs, combining Amax's personalised service with 2N's globally acclaimed technologies

Are 2N's products suitable for both businesses and residences?

Absolutely. 2N Telecommunications designs versatile products that are apt for both corporate organisations and private residences, ensuring top-tier security across the board.

How does Amax ensure the quality of 2N's products in their solutions?

We have a stringent quality assurance process. Each 2N product integrated into our solutions undergoes rigorous testing and assessment, ensuring optimum performance and longevity.

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