Amax Fire & Security's Esteemed Partnership with Avigilon

In the dynamic world of security, Amax Fire & Security stands out for its relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation. A significant feather in our cap is our partnership with Avigilon, a luminary in advanced surveillance systems. By integrating Avigilon’s superior offerings, from their cutting-edge Avigilon CCTV to the Avigilon 360 camera, we ensure that our clients experience nothing but the best in security solutions.

Avigilon technology is used across a wide variety of sectors:

  • School Campuses
  • Transportation Systems
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Public Venues
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Prisons
  • Factories
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Retailers

Avigilon CCTV: Revolutionising Surveillance

Avigilon, as a brand, has set new benchmarks with their state-of-the-art Avigilon CCTV systems. These systems provide unparalleled clarity and coverage, ensuring every nook and cranny is within sight. At Amax Fire & Security, our integration of Avigilon camera and Avigilon cameras into our security solutions guarantees meticulous surveillance, capturing even the minutest of details with impeccable precision.

Harnessing Avigilon Cloud Services and Access Control

Modern security is more than just surveillance; it’s about intelligent data management and access control. Avigilon cloud services provide a streamlined platform for efficient data storage and retrieval, enhancing the speed and reliability of security responses. Additionally, with Avigilon access control, we ensure that security is multi-layered, granting access only to authorised individuals and ensuring every entry and exit is logged and monitored.

Diverse Camera Solutions: Bullet, Box, and 360

Every space has unique surveillance needs. Recognising this, we utilise Avigilon’s comprehensive range of cameras. From the Avigilon bullet camera, which offers a focused view of specific areas, to the Avigilon box camera, renowned for its clarity and versatility, and the expansive coverage of the Avigilon 360 camera, we ensure every angle is covered, every moment captured.

Video surveillance with unparalleled image detail.

Avigilon High Definition Stream ManagementTM (HDSMTM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. When you couple it with the broadest range of megapixel cameras in the industry, you get superior image quality and maximum coverage.

The industry’s easiest to use software.

Avigilon video and access control software is designed with intuitive, easy to use interfaces at their heart. The Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) offers you the industry’s simplest interface for managing video.

Scalable security solutions designed with growth in mind.

Whether you suddenly need to add additional buildings, doors or HD cameras, all of Avigilon’s security solutions are built to grow right alongside your business. Their powerful Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) is capable of managing an unlimited amount of HD or analogue cameras. Avigilon Access Control Manager also enables you to add multiple offices, buildings or locations and manage them from any web browser.

Why choose Avigilon cameras for my security needs?

Avigilon cameras, with their advanced technology and impeccable clarity, provide comprehensive coverage. Whether it's the focused Avigilon bullet camera or the wide-angled Avigilon 360 camera, each product is designed for excellence.

How do Avigilon cloud services enhance security management?

Avigilon cloud services offer seamless data storage and retrieval. This ensures that surveillance footage is easily accessible, enhancing security monitoring and rapid response to any discrepancies.

What makes Avigilon access control a preferred choice?

Avigilon access control systems offer multi-layered security, ensuring only authorised access while maintaining a detailed log, making it a robust and reliable choice for security-conscious organisations.

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