We are proud to be ‘Avigilon Enterprise Partners’, after attending and passing their rigorous training programme.

We selected Avigilon because they lead the way in research and development of new technologies. Providing security solutions for thousands of customer sites, they have the experience and expertise required to deliver customized, end-to-end solutions, no matter what industry you are in.
Avigilon is setting the standard in providing trusted security solutions to the global market. From Video Surveillance systems including HD cameras, encoders and hardware solutions, to access control management systems and self-learning video analytics, Avigilon will deliver the most sophisticated and reliable security solutions, suited to you. It is because of this that Amax Fire and Security is an ACSP preferred partner of Avigilon.

Avigilon technology is used across a wide variety of sectors:

  • School Campuses
  • Transportation Systems
  • Healthcare Centres
  • Public Venues
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Prisons
  • Factories
  • Casinos
  • Airports
  • Financial Institutions
  • Government Facilities
  • Retailers

Industry Leading Products:

End-to-end security, all in one place.

Make Avigilon your one-stop-shop for award-winning HD video surveillance and access control solutions – from servers to cameras to door readers.

Video surveillance with unparalleled image detail.

Avigilon High Definition Stream ManagementTM (HDSMTM) technology preserves complete image integrity through visually lossless compression, while intelligently managing bandwidth and storage. When you couple it with the broadest range of megapixel cameras in the industry, you get superior image quality and maximum coverage.

Open platform is built for easy integration.

All of Avigilon security solutions are built on an open platform, which allows them to easily integrate with your existing security systems and technology. Their video surveillance software is open to both HD and analogue cameras, and their cameras are also open to other leading types of video management software. Avigilon access control solutions are designed to support open field hardware from other leading manufacturers, enabling you make the most of any past security investments and avoid licensing fees.

Access control you can use whenever, wherever.

Avigilon Access Control Manager software is browser based, enabling you to manage employee credentials and access anytime, anywhere. Any workstation with an Internet connection can become your centre for access control.

The industry’s easiest to use software.

Avigilon video and access control software is designed with intuitive, easy to use interfaces at their heart. The Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) offers you the industry’s simplest interface for managing video.

Scalable security solutions – designed with tomorrow’s growth in mind.

Whether you suddenly need to add additional buildings, doors or HD cameras, all of Avigilon’s security solutions are built to grow right alongside your business. Their powerful Avigilon Control Centre (ACC) is capable of managing an unlimited amount of HD or analogue cameras. Avigilon Access Control Manager also enables you to add multiple offices, buildings or locations and manage them from any web browser.

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