Secure Logiq

We are proud to be partnered with Secure Logiq.

Secure Logiq is now the world’s leading producer of ultra-high-performance HD surveillance servers and is unique in being entirely dedicated to the development of advanced, high-throughput video data processing and storage technology.

Their products and services give Amax Fire and Security the best solutions for HD surveillance systems.

Why Secure Logiq?

Secure Logiq provide a range of hardware products specifically designed and optimised to efficiently store, transmit and display multiple streams of HD video data. This includes:

Mini Qube Workstations

For the budget conscious, suitable for when recording, viewing and playback are required from a single appliance.

HD Surveillance Servers

A full range of servers optimised for HD Surveillance to meet any IP CCTV requirement and budget.

Client Stations

Powerful PCs optimised for decompressing and displaying multiple HD video streams.

Analytics Optimised Servers

An Enterprise server range with improved processing capabilities, designed and optimised for video analytics.

Quicksync Optimised Workstations

Workstations that are optimised for Video Management Software that utilise Quicksync Technology.

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