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Amax Fire & Security's Collaboration with Ellis Whittam

At Amax Fire & Security, our unwavering commitment to safety and security extends beyond the latest equipment and technology. To truly be at the forefront of the industry, we recognise the need for top-tier training, and that’s where our esteemed partnership with Ellis Whittam comes into play. Specialising in providing premium training solutions, Ellis Whittam elevates our offerings, ensuring our staff and clients are always informed, equipped, and ready.

Ellis Whittam Training: Setting the Gold Standard

When it comes to imparting knowledge in the security realm, Ellis Whittam’s training is unparalleled. Their courses are meticulously crafted, incorporating both theoretical knowledge and hands-on experiences. By integrating Ellis Whittam training into our practice, we ensure that our team is adept, updated, and consistently delivering exceptional service. In the ever-evolving world of security, this training provides the bedrock on which our reputation stands.

Offering Comprehensive Ellis Whittam Training Courses

Our association with Ellis Whittam isn’t limited to just basic training. Through a vast array of Ellis Whittam training courses, we are continually evolving, diversifying our skillset to meet a multitude of security challenges. These courses encompass everything from advanced security systems to customer service training, ensuring that every aspect of our operations meets the gold standard set by Ellis Whittam.

Empowering Our Clients through Training

We believe that security isn’t just about implementing advanced systems but empowering our clients with the knowledge to use them optimally. With access to Ellis Whittam’s extensive course repository, we provide our clients with personalised training sessions, ensuring they’re confident in using the security systems we install.

Key Services

  • Providing unlimited, pragmatic advice on any health and safety challenges
  • Producing a bespoke Health & Safety Policy and Employee Health & Safety Handbook outlining the important safety rules and procedures for employees;
  • Preparing all policies, procedures and arrangements relating to specific health and safety legislation, such as work equipment, manual handling, DSE, lone-working and occupational driving.
  • Creating Safe Systems of Work and Method Statements;

Why has Amax chosen to partner with Ellis Whittam?

Ellis Whittam is renowned for its superior training modules that align perfectly with our ethos of continuous learning and excellence. Their reputation and comprehensive courses make them an ideal partner for Amax's training needs.

What type of training can I expect from Ellis Whittam training courses?

From basic security protocols to advanced system operations and customer service excellence, Ellis Whittam training courses cover a broad spectrum of topics to ensure comprehensive learning.

Is the training only for Amax staff or can clients avail it too?

While our staff undergoes rigorous training, we also believe in empowering our clients. Depending on the security solutions chosen, clients can avail specific Ellis Whittam training sessions.

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