APS Aegis

APS Aegis use their many years of experience in the security industry to provide you with the highest quality and most effective security systems; from Car Park Control through to protecting and defending from Criminal Threats, Unauthorised Access or Terrorist Attack. Their range of high quality Bollards, Security Gates, Barriers, Road Blockers, Turnstiles, Traffic Control and Intruder Detection Systems provide proven solutions to Security and Access Control issues you may face.

We have selected APS Aegis because they have an outstanding ability to understand and help deliver our bespoke solutions. Additionally, they share our ethical approach to helping our customers.
APS Aegis achieves this by covering six key areas:

Perimeter Security

Design and supply Secure Perimeter Protection Products and Systems, which can deter and stop intrusion into protected areas.

Product Support

From initial security product choice through to after sales service and maintenance, APS have staff to assist customers and re-sellers.

Intruder Detections

Detection is important in establishing and operating a Secure Perimeter System.
Automated long distance detection of an approaching threat, whether direct or by stealth can be monitored, so provide plenty of warning.

Access Control Systems

Effective Access Control Systems are fundamental to the success of any physical security system, large or small. APS Aegis are skilled in defining the risk associated in operating any Entry and Exit system for vehicles or personnel.

Bespoke Security Solutions

From their UK base and through their network of International Distributors, APS Aegis provide high quality specialized security products, or integrated security solutions, to Business, Government, Infrastructure, High Value Sites and Properties around the world.

Maintenance Solutions

APS Aegis provide a comprehensive Maintenance and Support Capability for their elite security products and systems by utilising skilled, trained and experienced engineers to keep your systems operating effectively.

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